* Jens-Peter Kaps
Jens-Peter Kaps

I guess I should write a little about me in this section of my home page. On the right you can see a rather old photograph of me. In my spare time, i.e. when I'm not taking classes or work on a project I like to: travel, bicycle, swim, take pictures, hike, cook, sail (if time permits) and read books. Once in a while I might even update this web page.

You will find information about my research interests in the research section of this web page.

* Work and Studies

I received my Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1998 from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA. The topic of my thesis was High Speed FPGA Architectures for the Data Encryption Standard which I did with Professor Paar in the Cryptography and Information Security Lab.

In July 1998 I started working for GTE CyberTrust Solutions Inc. in the Interoperability group. The main product of CyberTrust was a certificating authority product which was hosted by CyberTrust for customers and also sold to customers. A certificating authority issues digital certificates which can be used for access control, proof of identity, encryption of messages and other purposes. Interoperability describes how our product, i.e. the certificate authority and the certificates it issues, works together with products by other vendors e.g. web browsers, e-mail clients, web-servers and so on.

CyberTrust Solutions was acquired by Baltimore Technologies in Spring of 2000. Baltimore Technologies has a host of e-security products. I worked mainly with the certificate authority products, the one acquired with CyberTrust and Baltimore's own. My main task was again the interoperability and also increasingly solutions work. Solutions work extends the task of interoperability in that it is not just proving that the products work together but in building a solution for a specific task using these products that can be sold to a customer.

Since January 2002 I'm back at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute pursuing a PhD. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Im working in the Cryptography and Information Security Lab with Prof. Sunar. The broad topic of my research is Energy Aspects of Cryptographic Primitives.

* Contact Information
87 Park Avenue Apt# 7, Worcester, MA 01605
Mobile: 508-648-7881, Office: 508-831-5840
E-Mail Address: jpkaps@jpkaps.com