* Guestbook 2004
Name: Raghu
Email: movvaraghu@yahoo.com

Datum: Freitag, 1 Oktober, 2004 um 02:27:41
The pictures in India were awesome. Great work man. Keep it up

Name: Aparna
Email: http://nas.cl.uh.edu/padmajaa

Datum: Montag, 13 September, 2004 um 22:06:51
haha, Jens, finally we have your projects page updated!! I keep coming back everytime I want to see the beauty of "Mah Wustah" Oh, right, I'll be there this week to see it myself :)

Name: Kavita
Email: kavitak78@yahoo.com

Datum: Freitag, 27 August, 2004 um 22:40:03
Hi .. Just saw this updated webpage ! Very impressive I must say. The part that has fabulous pictures of my country is the best :)))

Name: Jerry DiPalma
Email: jdipalmajr@comcast.net

Datum: Donnerstag, 1 Juli, 2004 um 05:35:10
I stumbled across your web site and saw the pictures of India. Through work, I have been to India several times (10 weeks total) but have not seen many of the sites you visited. I enjoyed your pictoral very much. Looks like I need to get to Jaipur! Thanks for the enjoyment. Jerry

Name: Hemish
Email: hemish@wpi.edu

Datum: Montag, 7 Juni, 2004 um 22:39:19
Hey Jens If ever you decide to go for sailing trip form coast to coast, I am in...

Name: Carolyn Stephenson Gosse
Email: carolyn@thegosses.com

Datum: Sonntag, 6 Juni, 2004 um 01:39:50
Hey Jens! Just some friends from the bike trip saying hi! We have gotten hitched, moved to Connecticut, and are having a great time. We're not far from Woosta, so give us a call! Carolyn and Alec

Name: Carsten Poulsen
Email: cp at (no spam) wpi.dk

Datum: Samstag, 6 März, 2004 um 03:37:05
Hi Jens, Nice page you have there. Interesting that you have been across the states on a bicycle. That is really a big achievement. I have an idea for your picture gallery, that will make your life a lot easier. I can show it to you one day... Take care, Carsten