* What is New (2002)

The readers casted their votes and I changed the picture of me on the About Me page. Which picture has won? What is the result for the other pictures? Have a look at the Vote for Picture - Result page.


Many people complained about the picture of me on the About Me page. So I collected some pictures of me and have you take a vote on which picture I should replace the old one with. Have a look at the new Vote for Picture page and submit your choice.


(entry added later) I got back from my bicycling tour. The log book is finished. I will add the pictures at a later time and announce it here.


I started my Coast to Coast bicycling trip. I'll try to update my web page while I'm on the road. The Bike Tour pages are now online. This page also contains information on how to contact me during the trip.


The pictures and a short report of the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour 2002 on Martha's Vineyard are now online. A big thanks to all my sponsors!

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