* What is New (2003)

On November 5th I released the code for the Document Database (DOCDB) and now I added it to my Projects page. Visit the DOCDB home page for more details.


A new page about the upcoming trip to Tanzania is now up. Check back for updates. If you have any information / links about Tanzania please put them into my Guestbook.


On July 13 at 6 AM, I woke up to the sound of my dying hard disk. It was my big Maxtor hard disk, on which I stored all my pictures. It was less then three years old and died so fast, I did not have a chance to run a last backup. At least now my system is back, I'm still in the process of recovering the images from older backups.


Finally, after three and a half years, I added my India pictures to my web site. I hope it was worth the wait. See for your self on my India page.


From this month on the Pictures of the Month are available for download in the following sizes: 1024x768 and 1280x1024. Now without the black border. The links are at the bottom of the picture page. If you like a picture make it your background.

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